Do you....?

  • feel that you are constantly being judged by other people?
  • tend to avoid conflict?
  • have a fear of failure of rejection?
  • have an excessive need for approval or validation?

Well the good news is that hypnotherapy can work very well to help you develop realistic self assessment skills.

what is Poor self confidence?

The important thing to note about poor self confidence or low self esteem is that it is not YOU. It is not an unchangeable fact about you, such as the colour of your eyes. It is just a pattern of behaviour that you are running, and like all patterns, they can be changed.

How does hypnotherapy work?

We will look at what criteria you are using to make self assessments. Are you using external or internal sources to validate this? Maybe you are constantly over thinking things? Whatever patterns of behaviour that you are running or self limiting beliefs you may have, these can be addressed in hypnosis.

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