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changing habits

This is a very common issue and one that can be successfully treated with hypnotherapy. It does not matter how small or insignificant your habit is, it is probably causing you a lot of stress and anxiety and often frustration that you just can't stop doing it. It could be that you keep drinking excessively or are unable to stop biting your nails. It maybe that your habit is a way of coping to deal with feelings of stress or anxiety. The addiction to a habit can often be a result of a false belief about that habit, such as thinking smoking will reduce your stress. With the use of strategic hypnotherapy, these false beliefs can be targeted at the non-conscious level so that new beliefs can be formed and the breaking of the habit will be easier.

why hypnotherapy?

Strategic hypnotherapy is an effective intervention that will help to re-program your mind so as to enable you to replace your bad habits with better ones. It will target the thoughts and emotions that are associated with the bad habit at an unconscious level, making the habit easier to break and being replaced by good habits. Willpower alone is very rarely enough to change habits as it does not deal with the underlying associations, which in turn can lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment.

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