Weight control

Are you one of the many who has struggled with your weight? Do you find yourself eating too much of the wrong food? Are you addicted to sugar? Maybe you tend to binge eat? Or maybe you eat when you are stressed or bored? Whatever the issue is, hypnotherapy can help you to understand the habits, patterns and thinking that underpin your issues around weight or eating.

how does it work?

Hypnotherapy deals with the hidden patterns behind poor eating behaviour. It aims to break the negative cycles that are helping to maintain bad eating habits by targeting the problem at the unconscious level. We will work with you to help reshape the patterns, thoughts and habits which are no longer useful to you, empowering you to replace them with ones that will serve you better.

As with most habits and cravings, having will power alone to simply give up is often never enough. That is why hypnotherapy is very effective in this area as it will get you back in control of your life and help lead to many positive outcomes, such as;

  • disassociate emotions from the need to eat.
  • a healthy outlook regarding food and a healthy desire to eat
  • adopting healthy strategies to control food portions
  • increased confidence and self esteem
  • Feeling more positive and resilient

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